Parents Beware: Major Theme Parks to Hold ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Shows and It’s Not Disney

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For June, perhaps one should refer to it as “Six Drags over Texas.”

Six Flags over Texas announced Friday that on every Friday and Saturday in June, it will have drag shows as its way of marking the LGBT event known as “pride month.”

The attraction’s website said the show “is considered to be family-friendly and inclusive for all ages,” adding, “Anyone under 17 should consult with a parent or guardian if there is concern.”

Many voiced their objections on Twitter.


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Will you be avoiding Six Flags parks during the month of June?

Yes: 67% (2 Votes)

No: 33% (1 Votes)

The Texas park is not alone,

The Bay Area Six Flags location also features a drag show, promising on its website, this will be a “show unlike any other.” Six Flags St. Louis offered the “Dives of the Grove” as its drag act on Friday’s “pride” performance.

As noted by ABC, Texas lawmakers who have been trying to limit attendance by children at drag queen shows have passed a law to limit public performances of sexual conduct. The bill is expected to be signed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Republican state Sen. Bryan Hughes celebrated the victory in a May 29 Twitter post.


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“Our bill protecting children from sexually explicit drag shows (S.B. 12) is officially headed to the Governor’s desk. These shows are indisputably inappropriate for minors, and we will not allow children to be sexualized nor preyed upon in Texas,” he wrote.

In speaking of an earlier version of the bill that more narrowly focused on drag shows,  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said action was necessary, according to CBS.

“It is shocking to me that any parent would allow their young child to be sexualized by drag shows. Children, who cannot make decisions on their own, must be protected from these sexually-oriented drag shows now occurring more and more in front of them,” he said in a news release.

Patrick said “someone must fight back against the radical Left’s degradation of our society and values. I will not allow Texas children to be sexualized and scarred for life by harmful drag performances.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed a bill that cracks down on the attendance of children at drag shows by giving the state the right to revoke the food and beverage licenses of establishments that let kids in to see drag shows, according to ABC.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.



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