What Police Find In This Former Doctors Home Is Sickening

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Will County Sheriffs Office in Indiana found the remains of 2,246 fetuses in the home of former abortionist Dr. Ulrich Klopfer last week. While his family discovered many of the babies’ remains, authorities report that there was no evidence showing that the medical procedures were performed out of his home.

WLWT5 News Channel reports:

The Will County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release late Friday that an attorney for Dr. Ulrich Klopfer’s family contacted the coroner’s office Thursday about possible fetal remains being found at the home in an unincorporated part of Will County in northeastern Illinois.

Klopfer, who died Sept. 3, was a longtime doctor at an abortion clinic in South Bend, Indiana. It closed after the state revoked the clinic’s license in 2015.

Klopfer’s license was suspended by Indiana’s Medical Licensing Board in November 2016 after finding a number of violations, including a failure to ensure qualified staff was present when patients received or recovered from medications given before and during abortion procedures.

In a press release from the sheriff’s office, they say, “Will County sheriff’s detectives, crime scene investigators and representatives from the Will County coroner’s office arrived at an address in unincorporated Will County,” they added, “Personnel were directed to an area of the property where 2,246 medically preserved fetal remains were located. The Will County coroner’s office took possession of the remains.”

This is truly sickening to hear about this. Not only did this man have such little regard for human life that he spent his career murdering unborn babies, but then he took over 2,000 of them home! What could possibly be the reason for this? Were they like trophies for him?

His entire career he treated abortion like it was a sick hobby for him, not a serious medical procedure. Either way, it is sadistic.



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