1948 Cartoon’s Chilling Warning About Socialism

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This cartoon from 1949 is kind of nuts. It’s funny to think how we’re still fighting the same fight in 2017 and how anyone could be stupid enough to fall for crap like Socialism or even Communism and yet… they somehow thrive.

How can it be so difficult for of these kids to understand actual equality. It’s not about giving everyone the same things, the same chances. In essence we have the same chances, some of us may have more difficult hurdles to jump than others but in the end that’s life and that makes it worth living.

Socialism is full of great and grand promises but it always seems to fall short on how we’re to achieve it. “Kids these days” seem to think money grows on trees and don’t seem to realize that all their wants are nothing short of begging for handouts.

Life, liberty, freedom, and justice hard work and hard earned but they are earned. They are not given. Someone somewhere you don’t even know made a sacrifice for those American values. And yet we have kids stomping on the American flag and spitting in cops face… all in the name of socialism, something they don’t even realize can’t really be done. It has to come from somewhere and if the entire something is GIVING, then who’s GIVING to the system to make it happen? That can’t happen with socialism. It won’t solve all the worlds problems, it won’t bring peace.

In this cartoon socialism is snake oil, a false elixir, meant to solve all your problems.



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