Good Samaritans Come Together to Save Family Trapped In SUV In The Water [WATCH]

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This was tough for me to watch but way worth it. Man… Tornadoes hit Texas over the weekend and tragedy struck along with it. Tom Mitchell, a local of Canton, decided to drive around to see if anyone was in need of assistance. He didn’t expect to come upon a flipped vehicle. And soon he realized there were people still inside, a father and his two very small children.

“How fast is the water moving?” asked WFAA reporter David Schechter. “It’s moving fast enough that they can’t get the doors open,” said Tom describing the scene.

Tom, unfortunately, lacked the strength to be helpful but very good Samaritans were on scene and Tom shot the incredible rescue on his phone.

“The infant is white, going blue-ish grey.” Tom says. “Oh my, no color.” Schechter reacts looking at the video.


“No color at all and the eyes were not focused when I looked down at her.” replied Tom.That’s the moment when Tom would find his role in this incredible rescue. He puts the phone in his pocket.

Then a woman on scene comes over, steps over Tom’s shoulder and starts to pray as he begins to do CPR.

“Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe.” she prays. “Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe. Well the first prayer she said I felt a response in that child.

Tom and the Good Samaritans turned their attention to the toddler, who they also revived.

When asked why he felt like this story was one he had to share, Tom said: “I think it shows how the community and strangers all come together.”


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