MCBRAWL! CRAZY Fight Over Some McNuggets!

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An all-out brawl happened at a Des Monies, Iowa McDonald’s between a customer and an employee… and it was all caught by another customer on their cell phone.

Amanda Gravely and her children were buying ice cream (you know the machine wasn’t broke down? lol) in the drive-thru when she saw the fight break out. She immediately grabbed her phone and started recording.

“I took out my camera and recorded her just to see how far it would go just in case and it just escalated really quickly,” Gravely said.

“You can’t give me my f*****g McChickens?” the customer can be heard yelling at a manager. “Then give me my money.”

When the lady received her food, she threw it back into the manager’s face and hops over the counter to attack.

The lady left with two male companions who egged on the fight. The trio then drove off in a blue Ford and as of yet have not been arrested.

“The safety and security of our customers is a top priority and we are partnering with law enforcement because it is still an open investigation,” a McDonald’s spokesperson told KCCI in a statement.


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