Anti-Trump Travel Ban Protestors Are Just As Stupid As You Think

News For You

Due to President Donald Trump’s “Travel Ban” the Social Justice Idiots are in FULL SWING… and deeply stupid. Not really grasping what it means or what’s in it… which makes them all the dumber.

In this video from Flecca Talks, he decides to spend sometime with these wayward souls, at LAX airport of all places! The protesters fully geared in their new age, 3rd wave, hippie ways, explain why President Trump and VP Mike Pence are apparently bigoted, racist, and sexist… cause they seem to think the Travel Ban involves all of those things…

One Social Justice Warrior goes on to tell you exactly why she’s protesting! “Um, everything. Sexism, misogyny, Trump, Pence, the American government, capitalism, f***ing, the patriarchy. Everything.”

Truly compelling words there, little SJW…

“People that are coming from other countries … whether they don’t think that gay rights are valid or don’t believe in human rights, that isn’t their responsibility because they’re refugees. The responsibility is on us as America to change our country,” she says later in the video.

And another woman goes on with… “[Terrorists] do, obviously, terrible things, but we also, as a Democracy, as a society that wants to move toward nonviolence and humanism, have to acknowledge that we do things that evoke rage, justified rage sometimes,” she said. “I mean, in America, hate crimes have gone through the roof.”


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