You Won’t Believe Who Is Pocketing The Cash For BLM And Anti-Trump Merch

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As our nation’s political tumult continues to impact our daily lives in ever wilder ways, some have glanced into the depravity and seen dollar signs. They are looking to capitalize on this sudden angst, and to capture consumer spending in a world where everyone wants to wear their heart on their sleeve.

And it’s not just bumper stickers these days. Clothing, hats, flags, and other political merchandise are just part of an enormous industry that continues to grow in recent weeks and months.

As it turns out, Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio isn’t just aware of this fact, but he’s decided to play both sides of the burgeoning industry.

Protesters at Black Lives Matter and anti-Trump demonstrations could be wearing T-shirts from an unlikely source: the Proud Boys.

The far-right group’s leader, Enrique Tarrio, told The Wall Street Journal in a report published Wednesday that he set up a secret business to sell T-shirts with liberal slogans after card-processing companies kept refusing to work with his other businesses.

Tarrio told The Journal that his secret business sells T-shirts with slogans like “Black Lives Matter” and “Impeach 45,” a reference to former President Donald Trump.

A reporter for The Journal witnessed Tarrio’s assistant printing a shirt that said “Black Lives Matter” during a visit to Tarrio’s Miami headquarters.

The news comes just weeks after Tarrio was outed as a “prolific” informant for law enforcement – another distinction that seems to dig away at his credibility among the far-right.

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