Why This Town Was Forced To Remove Christmas Decorations Is Beyond Insane…

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The town of Durham, New Hampshire has removed the tree lighting ceremony from its annual holiday season kickoff after complaints that the event marginalizes those non-religious citizens who don’t celebrate Christmas.

They finally submitted to the politically correct police by agreeing to remove the tree lighting from their annual holiday celebration. The decision was announced after the town received complaints about the tree-lighting tradition.

Historically, the annual holiday event put on by the Durham Park and Rec department has been known as the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. But, after some concerns that the event was too focused on Christmas, a working group was formed to make changes.

But now, the event is called “Frost Fest.” And the tree lighting at the center of the celebration will no longer be part of it.

While Santa will attend the event, he will not be in a town firetruck as he has in the past. In addition, the wreaths that traditionally adorned lamp posts on Main Street will not be put up this year.

Town Council member Sally Tobias explained that these changes were made after someone complained that they are “offended” by the Christmas themes in the ceremony.

“There was another private citizen that came forward and said that he had always had a problem with the Christmas tree, as he called it,” Tobias said.

From Opposing Views:

But according to the Rabbi Berel Slavaticki of the University of New Hampshire and the Seacoast Chabad Jewish Center, these new changes are missing the true point of Christmas.

“To stop cultures and faiths from practicing publicly would be very un-American. I think that’s the beauty of our country,” Slavaticki said.

He also requested the town to display a Menorah during the 8 days of Hanukkah last year but his request was promptly rejected.

“The Supreme Court ruled in 1989 that the Menorah and the Christmas tree both represent the holiday winter season,” Slavaticki said.

Town Council member Tobias also said that the town is still open for feedback and admits that she too, isn’t a fan of the changes.

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