Why This Married Father Of Three Say He Wears Skirts Everywhere Is Totally…

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This straight dad-of-three is about to become your bizarre fashion icon.

In a society where it is a daily struggle for many to find clothes that are comfortable for them while also proving they are trendy and fashionable, it can become an all-consuming event every morning, draining the fun out of putting an outfit together.

Well, met Mark Bryan who has been wearing skirts and heels for four years to challenge gender norms. He believed clothes have NO “genders.” 

Bryan is a straight guy, the 61-year-old grandfather of four has been happily married to his wife for the past 11 years.

In 2010, he moved from Texas to a town near Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, where he now works in robotics engineering and coaches a local football team. He loves cycling and fast cars and beautiful women, and he tries to exercise at least twice a week. Oh, and he looks great in a pencil skirt and a pair of six-inch stilettos.

Photo Credit: Mam News

“I am just a straight, happily married guy that loves Porsches, beautiful women, and incorporating high heels and skirts into my daily wardrobe,” Bryan wrote on his Instagram page.

According to reports, the father of three maintains that his outfits have no influence on his sexuality, but that it is a way of being comfortable and fashion-forward while challenging gender norms.

Photo Credit: Mam News

In an interview with Metro.co.uk, Bryan revealed:

“What drives me to dress in skirts is fashion. Comfort. Wanting to be different. I’m still the manly husband and father. My daughter even wants to borrow my shoes at times.”

“My colleagues were okay when I started wearing skirts. I had already been wearing heels with my pants for some time. So it came to them as no surprise,” he said.

Photo Credit: Mam News

Bryan lives his life like every other person, except that he challenges gender stereotypes every day. He almost always wears a skirt and heels while he goes to work, to the town, and even at home. And let’s just say he looks absolutely fabulous while he does.

Watch the video report here: DailyBlastLive/Youtube

Sources: OpposingViews, Metro

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