When He Saw What The Nurse Did To His Newborn Baby, He Knew He Had To Do Something….

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Newborn Isabel was born just a few days ago, but her parents worry what a nurse did while Isabel was in Houston’s St. Joseph Medical Center may have a lasting impact.

According to reports, the nurse taking care of the baby allegedly slapped the wet, hot diaper on the baby’s heel before sticking a needle and drawing blood.

The baby’s father, Spencer Lewandowski,  decided to take legal action against the hospital and hired attorney Tim Culberson to represent him.

Lewandowski said his little girl suffered second-degree burns while she was getting a PKU test, which is a routine blood draw for newborns.

“My baby has second degree burns on his foot and ankle and now we’re just trying to get him treated,” Lewandowski told KPRC. “They got a diaper and filled it with water and put it in the microwave and then put it on my baby’s ankle and foot which resulted in second degree burns – severe second degree burns.”

Photo Credit: Click2Houston/ KPRC2 via Daily Mail

Following the incident, hospital officials issued a statement:

“At St. Joseph Medical Center, the safety and care of our patients is our utmost concern. We are aware of the complaint, and are conducting a thorough investigation that is ongoing. The hospital is committed to providing high quality health services to the communities we serve.”

Photo Credit: Click2Houston/ KPRC2 via Daily Mail

According to Opposing Views, folks online who read the devastating story were outraged about the nurse’s action toward the newborn baby:

“The nurse is obviously incompetent. She should be reported to the State Board of Nursing where she will most likely lose her nursing license,” wrote one Facebook user. “Parents should sue because no competent nurse would ever do this and should also sue the hospital. This poor infant. Prayers for full recovery.”

“The nurse who did this should have her license pull for life,” wrote another. “I have to have warm compresses in order for them to draw blood, and no one has ever heated the towel it in a microwave.”

“She should be fired and her license should be taken away. Hope they get the treatment they need, free of course and some money for what the hospital did into the baby,” commented another user. “Shame they couldn’t be right without attorneys involved.”

Sources: OpposingViews,  KPRC

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