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A notorious French serial killer, once known as “The Serpent,” has been released from a Nepalese prison due to good behavior and poor health, sparking both intrigue and concern.

78-year-old Charles Sobhraj, who inspired the BBC drama “The Serpent,” served around twenty years in a Nepalese prison and has now left Nepal for France. He is believed to have committed multiple murders across Asia in the 1970s.

Sobhraj, whose wife Nihita Biswas is forty-four years younger than him, was not seen traveling with her upon his departure from Kathmandu. Throughout his time in prison, Sobhraj has maintained his innocence and expressed intent to sue those involved in his conviction.

While on his flight from Nepal to France, Sobhraj spoke to someone who recorded his statements. He allegedly said, “When I came in [went to prison], I didn’t do anything. I am innocent in those cases, ok? So I don’t have to feel bad for that, or good. I am innocent. It was built on fake documents.” Sobhraj further claimed that the district judge had issued a verdict without calling any witnesses or allowing the accused to present an argument.

Initially sentenced to a life term in Nepal, Sobhraj was granted release by the country’s supreme court on the grounds of poor health and good behavior. Life sentences in Nepal typically span twenty years. Diagnosed with heart disease, Sobhraj is scheduled to undergo medical assessments upon arriving in France.

In 2017, Sobhraj was transported from his prison in Kathmandu to a hospital with the assistance of his wife. While there, he received a life-saving coronary operation, which had Nepalese doctors working tirelessly to prevent his death from a medical condition.

“His wife has said he may need further surgery, and he will be closely monitored by doctors after he lands,” said the source close to the convicted serial killer.

A source close to the convicted serial killer revealed that his wife has mentioned the possibility of further surgery and that doctors will closely monitor Sobhraj upon his arrival in France. As Sobhraj embarks on this new chapter in his life, many questions remain unanswered, and the true extent of his crimes may never be fully uncovered.

Source: AWM

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