CNN Just Issued A Baffling Response To The Don Lemon Sex Abuse Allegations…

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CNN’s found itself in a heap of trouble, and it’s all because of that Variety article calling out one of their own anchors, Don Lemon, for some alleged bad behavior towards women when he first joined the network. Now, CNN and ol’ Don both insist that this is nothing more than baseless rumors and anonymous gossip, but is that really the case? I think Americans should take a good, hard look at what this left-leaning network is up to because something doesn’t smell quite right.

This Variety article tells quite the tale about some very tense times between Don and his former co-host, Kyra Phillips, and it even talks about some unpleasant encounters with Nancy Grace and Soledad O’Brien. The most interesting part, though, is when they say Lemon sent some pretty mean text messages to Phillips. CNN claims they can’t back up these claims, but it sure is strange how Don was demoted and removed from working with Phillips after that whole mess.

Now, it looks like Don’s time at CNN might be coming to an end, and it’s hard not to chuckle when you see the terrible ratings his latest show, “CNN This Morning,” is getting. I mean, Fox News and MSNBC are leaving CNN in the dust during the morning hours, and with Don steering the ship, it’s only sinking faster.

What this whole Don Lemon situation shows us is that CNN and their liberal friends aren’t exactly practicing what they preach. They love to shout from the rooftops about women’s rights, but when one of their own is accused of treating women poorly, they’re as quiet as can be. This just goes to show how important our conservative values are since we stand for personal responsibility and accountability.

So there you have it, CNN and their golden boy Don Lemon have some explaining to do, and the left-leaning media’s hypocrisy isn’t fooling anyone. We need to keep calling out these networks and demanding good, old-fashioned transparency. Because if we don’t, who will?

But let’s take a moment to think about the bigger picture here. You see, this ain’t just about one person or one network. It’s about a whole system of liberal media that wants to bend the truth to fit their own narrative. And it’s up to folks like us to stand strong and fight for what’s right, even when it feels like the odds are stacked against us.

And let’s not forget that there’s always more than meets the eye when it comes to these situations. Who knows what other stories might be lurking beneath the surface, just waiting to be uncovered? It’s our duty as conservative Americans to keep digging and shining a light on the truth, no matter how much the left-leaning media tries to bury it.

In the end, it’s about standing up for our values and making sure that everyone, no matter their political beliefs, is held accountable for their actions. Because that’s what being a true American is all about: fairness, justice, and a commitment to doing what’s right, even when it’s hard.

So let’s not let this Don Lemon story fade into the background. Let’s keep talking about it and using it as a reminder of the work that still needs to be done to hold the media accountable. Because if we can stand together and keep fighting for the truth, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll come out on top.

Sources: ConservativeBrief, Variety

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