Why She Filmed Herself Licking An Airplane Toilet Seat Will Make You Retch…

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Give me a break! Another wanna-be do everything just to become famous on TikTok…the photos you’re about to see are entirely gross and please do the planet a favor, never make this kind of challenge, ever!

The first rule of coronavirus is: you do not lick toilet seats during coronavirus.

In the name of becoming a become TikTok famous, one woman filmed herself licking a toilet seat.

This aspiring influencer has explained her “coronavirus challenge” stunt was because she was so desperate for attention that she allegedly staged herself licking a toilet seat “for clout.”

The video was uploaded to social media, where it went viral. However, there was some backlash, so the content creator removed it from the site – but a copy of the video was uploaded to YouTube, where it continues to entertain people across the globe.

According to AWM:

The video opens with a cute young woman sitting on the airplane bathroom floor. On-screen text reads, “Lickin’ the airplane toilet because I’m gross like that.”

The young woman then drags her exposed tongue across the length of the toilet seat from the front to the back. Instead of finishing with that lick, she went back in for some more. She licks the bottom of the toilet seat across its length.

When the content creator was done licking the place where people put their bums to use the bathroom, she gave the camera a sultry look and clearly wanted to get people excited by her weird video.

The viral video was uploaded to YouTube by the Aviation, Travel #Hub channel, which clearly jumped at the chance to feature the bizarre video since it happened while the young content creator was flying in an airplane across the world. While we don’t know much about the young woman who licked the toilet seat, we do know that she was a young adult with a hankering to get famous on the TikTok app.

The video immediately triggered a reaction from those on social media, including The View host Meghan McCain, who criticized her antics.

“Put her ass in jail!” McCain, 35, wrote.

“WTF is wrong with people? Are they so desperate for their 15 minutes of fame?” asked one user.

“That’s just gross, even without the current hysteria,” added another.

“I’m sure her parents are proud,” a Twitter user responded.

“How totally stupid,” said another person.

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM

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  1. People who do these Challenges need to be sterilized for the good of all. People who do these Challenges prove that Evolution is a LIE. We’re Evolution true this WILLFUL IGNORANCE would have died out long long ago. She deserves whatever happens to her that is bad. Sadly if she falls I’ll for doing this STUPID thing she will Sue the Airline and the worst part of that action is there will be IDIOTS who will give her money despite her being the one at FAULT.

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