What Epstein’s Fixer Said About Being In Prison Will Make You Laugh Hysterically!

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Ghislaine Maxwell has demanded access to her personal laptop round-the-clock and complained that jail computers are “too slow”.

Maxwell, who has been whining for months about conditions at the Brooklyn federal lockup where she is being held on sex-trafficking raps,  griped in a new court filing that the computer setup she’s been given there is “utterly inadequate.”

The 59-year-old British ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein, who has been held in the Metropolitan Detention Center in New York, is currently allowed her laptop during the week to review documents ahead of her people-trafficking trial.

Maxwell’s lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, claims that Maxwell has been subjected to psychological and physical abuse by prison staff, who allegedly “mishandled” hard drives causing them not to work properly.

Calling the fallen socialite’s electronic arrangement “a colossal waste of time,’’ a lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged cohort claims that the jail’s computer system randomly shuts down every two hours, among other things.

The document states:

“Hard drives provided by the government have been mishandled by MDC staff (dropped on the floor and slammed on a cart) causing them to become degraded and unstable and to randomly shut down. The time, resources and funds expended on problems caused by the electronic discovery and the computers is unnecessary, wasteful, and frustrating.”

Inmates generally have access to email but not the internet at the prison.

The “frustrating’’ electronics situation forces “Ms. Maxwell to reboot the computer and find her place in the documents to resume her review,’’ the defendant’s lawyer wrote to the judge — referring to her client’s allegedly hampered efforts to look over her case.

“This process can take 20-30 minutes, all of which is lost time,’’ the lawyer said.

Maxwell was arrested on sex trafficking charges back in July 2020. She has remained in jail due to the possibility that she could try to flee punishment. Maxwell will stand trial for bringing three victims to Epstein from 1994 to 1997 – and even joined in with the abuse of the children along with the deceased billionaire.

According to AWM, since the beginning of her stay in the Brooklyn jail, Maxwell has used her legal team to fight for better conditions.

“Other than calls with family or communication with counsel, Ms. Maxwell has no human contact except with guards who wield power over her, overmanage her, and have psychologically and physically abused her,” the attorney wrote. “And complaints regarding mistreatment by guards have led to reprisals against Ms. Maxwell.”

Source: AWM

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