She Had Her Arms Ripped Off By A Neighbor’s Dog, And She Just Got Even More Bad News….

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The family of the woman who lost both her arms following a dog attack in March gave an update on her condition and the challenges she still faces.

The attack on 38-year-old Kyleen Waltman took place Monday morning in the town of Honea Path, her sister, Shenna Green, told Greenville news station WYFF.

Kyleen‘s story is one of several harmful, and in some cases deadly, attacks involving dogs that have recently taken place throughout the world, even though many families keep them as beloved pets.

Kyleen was mauled by three dogs outside a home on Ball Road in Honea Path. Her family said she was walking from a friend’s home to her mother’s house when the attack happened. She was seriously injured and had to be airlifted to a medical facility.

After the attack, Kyleen underwent more than ten surgeries as doctors tried to fix her broken body. However, they were unable to save her arms, and as a result, both had to be amputated.

Now, the family of Kyleen, especially her 41-year-old sister, Amy Wynne, are asking people to help Waltman deal with the aftermath of the devastating dog attack by donating funds to a GoFundMe campaign that family members launched.

“We thought her right shoulder was going to be good and they were able to fit it with a prosthetic, well yesterday they found an infection in the bone and had to remove more of the bone. So now she will not be able to have regular prosthetics on either shoulder,” Wynne wrote in an update to the fundraiser.

Kyleen’s sister added, “Her left leg is giving not only her but the doctors a fit. The infection in it is the same infection that she has had throughout her whole body, but for some reason the infection in her leg they can’t stop from spreading.”

“The doctors have told Kyleen once again about her arms and about most of the damage the dogs had done. She is now fully aware of the situation. She still has a long way to go. She has survived this for a reason,” Wynne (above) wrote on the fundraising site.

Kyleen has been in the hospital ever since, battling one setback after another. Not only were both arms amputated up to her shoulder, but she also lost part of her colon and is still in danger of losing a leg.

But in the latest update, her sister says she is in “good spirits.”

“Kyleen is very antsy she wants to leave and wants to drink her dr. Pepper and get out of bed,” Wynne wrote. “She is awake and alert she is very hard headed, lol.”

But she still faces many challenges, including another operation on her leg and a skin graft on her right shoulder.

“The left shoulder still isn’t healing and they don’t have enough skin to do another graft. They’re hoping they can put a balloon in her right flank where there isn’t any bite marks so they can stretch the skin to do the graft on her leg if it’s doing good once it’s cleaned and her left shoulder,” her sister wrote.

According to AWM, Wayne and family are going to face off with the dog owner, Justin Minor, in court this Thursday for the first time.

“We go to court and this is where the judge is going to tell him (dog owner) what all his charges are and the repercussions of his actions. So I ask that you all please pray for my mama when she sees him face to face for the first time since the accident that everything goes accordingly.”

Watch the video report below for more details:

Sources: AWM, WYFF

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