Watergate Icon Bob Woodward Praises Trump as a “Pragmatist”

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The man infamous for breaking the Watergate scandal has some praise toward out POTUS. Bob Woodward, who has never been associated with the Conservative movement, recently stated that the Trump administration, and Trump himself, is the “pragmatist” and he seems to be liking how many issues have “options”. A lot of this has to do with the so-called “fall of Steve Bannon in the White House.

Primarily how while he is a conservative he seems to keep an open mind and willing to work with all sides on issues.

You — you can believe that. I mean that’s true. But you — there is ascendancy and then there is crashing and you will see stories about so-and-so’s winning and then two weeks later they’re fired. The question here is, who is Trump? And Trump is a pragmatist, just like those policy changes. We knew for a long time he was going to have a two track strategy on Russia, reach out to Putin, but also be tough on a number of things.

It is, but — but Trump is clearly that, you know, we know from the campaign, three campaign managers, he’s ruthless. You come and you go. And the people who are wise about him realize that they may be here now, but maybe not tomorrow, said Bob Woodward


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