WATCH As This Florida Man Clings To The Hood Of A Big Rig Going Down The Interstate

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It’s unclear what this man from Florida was trying to accomplish by performing this terrifying and reckless act. He should just go home and leave it to the Hollywood stuntmen.

Over the weekend somewhere along I95, which happens to be the 2nd most dangerous interstate in the United States, a big rig was cruising along when a man covered in blood frantically jumped into the road and waved down the driver. When the driver, Edward Hughes, came to a stop the man claimed onto the hood of his truck and began attacking the windshield with a metal object.

Hughes panicked and hit the gas while weaving in and out of the shoulder trying to shake the man loose. The man clung on and screamed for help but continued hacking away at the glass shattering it in several places. From the extent of the damage you see in the photos taken by Hughes, you can understand why he may have feared for his life.

In a video posted to Twitter, another driver is heard reacting to the unbelievable event. The sight of a huge truck barreling down the interstate at top speed with what appears to be a half-naked man clinging on for dear life is not something you see every day.

The driver was finally able to get in touch with law enforcement and they were able to catch up to the truck and pull him over and get control of the situation. The man was taken into custody but it has not yet been determined what triggered this crazy occurrence.

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