WARNING! Nuclear Power Plant’s Radioactive Leak Is An Imminent Threat

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If you were to take a good, hard look at the way in which the global community interacts with one another, there are a few striking stereotypes that come to mind…and not all of them are good.

For instance, when we think of Russia, we think of its ruthless leader Vladimir Putin, who has moved political mountains to remain in power, and whose thirst for the blood of his opponents is unmatched, save perhaps Saudi Arabia.

And when we think of China, we think of nonchalant human rights abuses and industrial irresponsibility – the latest of which could very well be the impetus of the coronavirus pandemic altogether.

Now it appears as though Beijing is dealing with another potentially catastrophic “leak”, prompting the United States to begin keeping tabs on the issue.

The US government has spent the past week assessing a report of a leak at a Chinese nuclear power plant, after a French company that part owns and helps operate it warned of an “imminent radiological threat,” according to US officials and documents reviewed by CNN.

The warning included an accusation that the Chinese safety authority was raising the acceptable limits for radiation detection outside the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong province in order to avoid having to shut it down, according to a letter from the French company to the US Department of Energy obtained by CNN.

Despite the alarming notification from Framatome, the French company, the Biden administration believes the facility is not yet at a “crisis level,” one of the sources said.

This reassurance will only go so far, however, as the other machinations of this crisis appear to belie its severity to the global community.

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