The VP’s Office Gets A Big Upgrade As The Admin Appears To Prepare For Transition

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Vice President Harris just got her own “resolute desk” and many are wondering how long will it be until Harris is transitioned to President.

Harris West Wing office in the White House was made from historic United States warships including the USS Constitution and the USS Arizona.

The Vice President’s desk has carvings of an eagle surrounded by stars from the constitutions’ stern which was commissioned under George Washington in 1794.

The pen tray is a piece of the USS Arizona that was sunk by Japanese torpedo bombers at Pearl Harbor in 1941, entombing many of the soldiers trapped.

Two desks were made, one for the Vice President and the other for the Secretary of Navy. Both desks will be available for future vice president and navy secretaries to use.

“It’s a huge opportunity to be a part of,” said Builder 1st Class Hilary Lemelin, who is assigned to USS Constitution, in a statement. “It’s amazing to create a desk for someone who makes such large decisions for the country and Navy knowing they’ll sit there every day is huge. The importance of their job can affect everything we do. It’s a piece of history now.”

The two desks are now known as the “heritage desks” and are similar to the Resolute Desk which has been used by most recent presidents.

The Resolute Desk was given as a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford Hayes in 1880. The desk was built from oak timbers from t the British Arctic exploration ship HMS Resolute, which was found by an American whaling ship a year after it was abandoned in 1854.

The desk is turning heads and comes just weeks after the Biden Administration announces that their official title is the “Biden-Harris” Administration which is a strong departure from history.

“I would take from it that Vice President Harris is an important partner, she’s the first in the room and the last in the room on most occasions if she’s in town,” Psaki said, adding that it was a “reflection of the important role she will play moving forward.”

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