WaPo Sends Out Children to Sing and Mock President Trump

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Leave it to Liberals to use kids as weapons… par for the freaking course!

Then they go on to try and justify it, negatively hitting President Trump about a “child’s perspective” when, let’s face it, kids are only going to “dislike” President Trump because adults are telling them to.

As Written By Kathryn Blackhurst for Lifezette:

Once esteemed newspaper posts video of children satirically singing president’s tweets.

As if its own consistently negative, skewed coverage of President Donald Trump weren’t enough, The Washington Post felt the need to commission a kids choir to mock the president by singing several of his tweets in a video published Friday.

The Post’s official video, called, “Washington Post’s Kids Chorus Singing President Trump’s Tweets,” included an description saying, “A child’s perspective can benefit pretty much any issue — even those found in President Trump’s Twitter feed.” Featuring 10 children garbed in blue choir robes, the video included harmonized singing and a rudimentary form of rapping as the children beat drums, clapped, and waved American flags. The song’s lyrics featured portions of several of Trump’s tweets.

“See you in court, doo-da, doo-da, the security of our nation is at stake,” the children began, taking some creative liberties with a February 9 Trump tweet.


Washington Post Deploys Kids to Sing Songs Mocking Trump | LifeZette

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