VP Pence Has Big Campaign Plans While Trump Is Being Treated For COVID

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Since President Trump is out of commission while receiving treatment in the hospital for COVID-19 one of his senior campaign advisors says that Vice President Mike Pence will be picking up the slack and maintaining “a very full aggressive schedule” for the time being.

On NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Jason Miller said that the president’s campaign team has no intention of losing momentum or changing up plans with less than a month left until Election Day.

“We’re in a campaign. We have a month to go,” Miller said. “We see Joe Biden and Kamala Harris out there campaigning. Certainly, they’re not asking for a remote debate.”

He added that Pence still plans to attend the vice presidential debate against Harris on Wednesday the continue on to Arizona, Nevada, and Washington, D.C.

Miller said, “He’s going to have a very full aggressive schedule, as will the First Family.”

Host Chuck Todd asked if he has any concerns about other staff members contracting the virus.

Miller responded he has “no concerns at all.”

“The vice president takes very serious all these measures,” Miller said. “Anyone around the vice president are tested. People are kept very safe. And again, we can’t hide from this virus forever Chuck. We have to take it head-on.”

He added, “We have to re-open our economy.  And we’ve got to develop a vaccine and defeat the virus.”

The president’s campaign team is launching “Operation MAGA” which is meant to propel the campaign forward, even with President Trump being currently treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Trump’s medical team announced that there is a possibility that the president could be released as soon as Monday but there are still significant concerns about his health and schedule.

The vice president has made plans for new efforts to ramp up campaign appearance by Trump lieutenants who have tested negative for the virus. Pence himself will head the new efforts along with Trump’s children. Pence said that he and the first family will begin making appearances across the country after the vice presidential debate.

“I promise you, this president, as soon as his doctors say so, he’s going to be back out there,” Pence declared.

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