How Does This Make Sense?? Dinosaur Statue Toppled In The Name Of Justice

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By now we all know that the Black Live Matter movement has nothing to do with repairing a broken system or finding justice. It’s just an excuse for leftist liberals to destroy history and terrorize cities. It’s a sham.

If Black Lives Matter was really about racial injustices and fixing society, then they would not be doing these pointless acts of destruction because it’s entirely counter-productive to what they are claiming to want in the end.

If you look at what happened in Kenosha, some people say it was justified, others disagree. But can we all agree that tearing down a statue of a dinosaur has absolutely nothing to do with racism or justice?

But the BLM and Antifa rioters did it anyway because they don’t care about anything but recking what others have built.

It’s unclear why the mob decided to target the dinosaur statue outside of the Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Kenosha but they really did a number on the figure as it can be seen lying on the ground damaged and defeated.

Perhaps it was just a case of misplaced anger that is all too common these days.

The real source of the anger comes from the death of Jacob Black who was shot at close range by the police and critically injured in Kenosha last Sunday.

Blake is still in serious condition and remains in the hospital, it may be possible that he has lost the ability to walk.

The incident sparked protests that caused only more violence with one person fatally shot and another shot and injured. City property was destroyed, buildings were damaged, and nothing was solved.

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