Update: Snake Island Soldiers That Told Russian Warship To ‘go f ** k yourself’

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In a viral video clip flowing on Twitter, users can listen to the audio of a reported Russian destroyer threatening the13 Ukrainian boundary guardsmen. The guys reacted to the Russians who were endangering to ‘blow them up’ if they didn’t disarm by merely claiming, “go f ** k yourself”.

The guys were believed to be dead however in a turn of events, the Ukrainian Navy verified that they were apprehended by the Russians.

According to Euro Information, Russia had actually refuted claims that the 13 Ukrainian soldiers were killed by air as well as sea strikes. Russian state television later on revealed what it asserted was video of the soldiers alive in custody, yet the video footage might not be individually confirmed.

“We are extremely satisfied to learn that our brothers live as well as whatever is well with them,” it said in a statement.

The State Border Guard Solution of Ukraine (SBGSU) had likewise u-turned as well as suggested that the 13 boundary guards may still live.

Kyiv stated that the island’s communications and also facilities had actually been “totally destroyed” by Russian “inhabitants,” making it harder to find out what had actually taken place to the soldiers.

Like I stated, the initial communication went viral. The audio played was a reported Russian warship buying the guardsmen on Serpent Island to set their tools or face being flopped. That was when one of the Guardsmen informed the Russian invaders to ‘go f * ck’ themselves. After the news of the males’s death, the head of state of Ukraine awarded the men the ‘heroes of Ukraine’ honor.


I question the award will certainly be revoked if the guys are alive. Their steady valor when faced with a Russian destroyer is indisputable. If they are prisoners of battle, there have actually been no updates from Russian state television to their present problems. Ukraine did note that the Island was ruined.

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