Tucker Carlson SLAMS Dems for Double Standard On Russia

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Tucker Carlson slammed the DNC this week when he had Democratic strategist Michael Starr Hopkins on for an interview about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s financial ties to Russia.

He stated that there was an obvious “double standard” within their own party that seemingly absolved the Clinton’s of these ties, citing Bill Clinton’s speech to a Moscow-based financial form in 2010 of which he was paid $500,000 for. Then Hillary’s opposition to Russian sanctions during the same time period.

Hopkins attempted to the defend the Clinton’s saying that nothing was of a concern because any involvement was done “out in the open”.

“I don’t think it was problematic at all,” Hopkins said of the Clintons. “It’s the lies that get people in trouble.” He then accused the Trump administration of criminal activity saying, “They’ve broken federal codes twice, obstruction of justice, foreign donations. Soliciting foreign donations. That’s a real thing.”


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