Trump Slams Biden For “Doing Nothing About…”

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You know it’s sad when there are multiple answers for this…But in this case, he is referring to how Biden is more concerned about Ukraine than he is about the problems in our country. Trump specifically pointed out that Biden has failed us when it comes to the border while ranting about Biden’s incompetence.

China is threatening Taiwan,” Mr. Trump said. “Iran is on the cusp of a nuclear bomb. Russia may take over from Ukraine.”

“Joe Biden’s weakness and incompetence is creating a very real risk of World War III,” the former president said. “Look at what’s going on.”

“Washington is obsessing over how to protect Ukraine‘s border. But the most important border in the world right now for us is not Ukraine‘s border,” he said. “It’s America’s border and we do nothing about it.”

“The first duty of the American president is to defend the American border,” Mr. Trump said. “Before our leaders talk about invasions of other countries, they need to stop the invasion of this country.”

Mr. Trump also drew parallels to the two decades of U.S. involvement in the Middle East.

“[Americans] are sick of politicians who … squander our strength and spill our blood all over the world,” he said. “In many cases for absolutely no reason by countries and for countries that don’t even want us there, and certainly don’t respect us.”

Many GOP feel that “failing to effectively deal with Russian provocations will directly impact the U.S. standing globally.”

Trump’s right about the border, the Biden Admin has failed to end the border crisis. But that seems intentional. Dems have already shown us their hand here with their fight to make it so IDs are not necessary to vote. It seems pretty obvious that’s so the illegals can help them win in upcoming elections.


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