Trump Provides His Answer to Mexican President

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Trump Gives His Response to Mexican President– Donald’s 6 Words Are Absolute Fire

Joe Biden is so weak that foreign leaders are informing him what to do and requiring money. From Ukraine to Mexico, Biden has produced such a mess of foreign affairs that not even third-world countries respect him.

Biden has lost credibility around the globe due to the fact that of his political pandering and propping up stopping working nations that victimize U.S. taxpayer money. Foreign leaders have depended upon the U.S. to bail them out of their monetary problems for years and now, since of Biden, they believe they can buy him to hand over more cash.

The president of Mexico decided he desired billions of dollars and stated he would not help with the border crisis until Biden delivered on his demands. That political saber rattling didn’t review well with former President Donald Trump who has handled Mexico’s disrespect before.

From Fox News:
“They would never ever state that to me. They would never ever state before we even talk. They want $10 billion a year, Mexico simply asked for $10 billion a year. They would never ever ask it. I wouldn’t provide 10 cents,” Trump said.

Trump countered at the Mexican president’s demands during an exchange on “One Country” with host Brian Kilmeade. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador told CBS that he would not close down his border up until the U.S. altered its policies on Cuba and Venezuela.

Kilmeade questioned Trump on whether it was all right for the Mexican president to attempt determining American policy. Trump said any needs from Mexico for money or policy modifications “would not happen with me, with the wall.”

Biden has actually openly welcomed countless illegal immigrants into the nation with many can be found in through the border with Mexico. When Trump remained in office, the number of illegal immigrants decreased significantly, and the Mexican president didn’t get away with needs.

Biden is ballot among citizens at historically low levels with much of his broad disapproval connected to the border crisis. Before Biden the wall was all set to be built by Trump as the then-president combated against the flow of criminals and drugs across the border.

Trump stated what has altered is “really easy: disrespect for the (U.S.) president.” Trump made it clear that Obrador’s demands would not fly with him in office.

Obrador has said the “flow of migrants will continue” unless the U.S. does what he states. The Mexican president desires sanctions lifted on Cuba and Venezuela; sending out Latin American and Caribbean countries $20 billion in aid a year; and granting legal status to Mexican prohibited immigrants in the U.S.

Trump stated what Americans need to do to stop any foreign nation from attempting to obtain U.S. taxpayer money to resolve their third-world issues.

“The most essential day in the history of our nation is going to be November 5th,” Trump said. “Our country is spoiling, and it’s going to be altered on November 5th, and if it’s not altered, we’re not going to have a nation anymore.”



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