Trump Campaign Ad ‘Triggers’ CNN 

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CNN has confirmed their refusal to run a Trump “ad” that highlights the successes of his first 100 days in office. The statement released says it will not run the ad as long as it calls mainstream media “fake news”.

“The mainstream media is not fake news, and therefore the ad is false,” CNN said in a statement.

“It is absolutely shameful to see the media blocking the positive message that President Trump is trying to share with the country. It’s clear that CNN is trying to silence our voice and censor our free speech because it doesn’t fit their narrative,” said Michael Glassner, the campaign’s executive director.

In response to CNN’s statement that the mainstream is not “fake news,” the campaign put out a second statement from Glassner.

“This is censorship pure and simple. By rejecting our ad, CNN has proven that it supports censorship is biased and fears an opposing point of view. President Trump’s loyal supporters know the truth: The mainstream media mislead, misguide, deceive, and distract,” Glassner said. “CNN epitomizes the meaning of fake news and has proven it by rejecting our paid campaign ad.”

Trump Camp Claims CNN Refused To Run ‘100 Days’ Ad | The Daily Caller

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