Trump Ally Interrupted Live On Air, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

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Roger Stone has long been one of the nation’s most extreme political personalities, having risen to notability during the reign of Richard Nixon, and through the Watergate scandal.

Now, after attaching himself to the Trump flotilla, Stone has found himself in the crosshairs of anyone who had previously been targeting Trump and it appears that some of these folks have a sense of humor.

Roger Stone, an ally of former President Donald Trump, was served legal papers during a live radio interview for his alleged role in the 6 January Capitol riots.

Mr. Stone was speaking on the Real Talk 93.3 radio show in St Louis, Missouri on Wednesday when he was interrupted while answering a question on why it was “imperative” that Mr. Trump run for the next presidential election.

“Hold on a second, I have a process server at my front door about to serve me in the latest lawsuit,” he could be heard saying. Mr. Stone added that he was served a lawsuit filed at the civil court in the District of Columbia.

The entire, bizarre moment was available on Twitter.

Stone has been a longtime showman in the realm of American politics, and it certainly appears as though wanted to make sure he was aware that other jokesters now exist.

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