Tomi Lahren takes a Swipe at Former Employer Who Must Not be Named

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Tomi Lahren, Conservative America’s sweet heart, took a nice subtle at her “former employer”, refusing to say the name of The Blaze during an interview.

Lahren appeared on Steven Crowder’s Louder with Crowder show and was asked by the host as to what happened between her and Beyonce after she called her out on her Super Bowl performance.

“I decided to speak out against Beyonce and you know saluting the black panthers…you know the giant FU to law enforcement,” Lahren explained. “I decided to speak out about that in my ‘Final Thoughts’ and she seemed to notice. And she [Beyonce] actually asked to buy those final thoughts and use them on her world tour. We said no.”

“No, we don’t mention former employers,” Crowder interjected.

“Nope…we don’t even know about that,”Lahren answered. “Who are they? Most people actually don’t know them.”

“I was always cold in my former place of employment,” Lahren said. “So instead of demanding it be warmer…I thought how can I best acclimate to the situation. So, what did I do? I used a heated lava pad that people use at football games. There was a butt pad, but to say that this made me a diva…I sat on that butt pad because I was so cold. I mean if that makes me a diva, I guess I’m a diva.”


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