Thousands Of Migrants Heading Toward The U.S. Border Demand Entry

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During his time on the campaign trail, President-elect Joe Biden made a lot of promises to those who wanted to come to make a new life in the United States, and now he is going to have to put his money where his mouth is because a caravan of migrants is quickly making its way to the U.S. border.

Some fear that Biden making good on these commitments could cause a surge at the border. 

Over 1,000 Honduran migrants, which is just a portion of the larger group that left a Honduran city earlier the same day, traveled to Guatemala on Friday without registering.

According to the Associated Press, the group hopes to receive a warm welcome at the border when they arrive. A migrant rights group. Pueblo Sin Fronteras, expects the Biden administration to take action.

Biden made many promises of changing Trump’s policies on border security and immigration. He said he would end the Migration Protection Protocols, which keeps migrants in Mexico while they wait for their hearings. President Trump said the program put a stop to pull factors that bring migrants to the states. Critics disagree saying the policy is cruel and puts migrants at risk.

Biden also said he would provide citizenship for those who were already in the country illegally and a moratorium on deportations by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The migrants’ group also brought up promises to put an end to asylum cooperative agreements the Trump administration made with Northern Triangle countries.

However, Biden officials have been quick to let migrants know that this does not mean borders will open overnight.

Officials do not know how far the migrants will get but reports from Guatemalan and Mexican governments say they intend on turning the group away.

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