This Video Of An Octopus Escaping From A Closed Jar Will Make You Faint…

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Octopuses might not be extraterrestrial, but if they were, no one would be that shocked, right? They appear to be planning something all the time, and since they are so cunning, they seem to play with their predators rather than flee from them.

This video of one of the wiggly aquatic geniuses figuring out how to open a container serves as evidence that they are also capable of problem-solving in a terrifyingly humanistic manner.

Well, it’s not simply for our amazement that we give an octopus a closed jar. Octopuses hunt by wriggling along the ocean floor, tossing rocks, and pushing themselves into tight spaces to extract crustaceans for food. When keeping octopuses in captivity, keepers frequently put a crab or other food inside a jar so that when the octopus unscrews the top and fishes the crab out, it can mimic its natural hunting activities. Octopuses are puzzle lovers that require challenges to satisfy their active intellect.

In the video, we watch an octopus open the jar lid. However, it actually doesn’t seem to want to get itself out of the jar. This video was filmed by the folks at Enoshima Aquarium in Fujisawa, Japan. They’ve also had some excellent vids, such as translucent eel larvae, this Red Batfish or Starry Handfish, and the viral time-lapse of a Japanese spider crab going through its molting process.

Octopuses are extremely intelligent, just like crows, honey badgers, dolphins, orangutans, and many other members of the animal kingdom.

But Octopuses are regarded as some of the most intelligent creatures in the world since they use tools, have personalities, and engage in play. They are the only marine animals capable of opening jars because most animals lack the force and perception required to remove a lid. Even a childproof bottle with a push-and-turn cap has been opened by certain people.

Although it’s not surprising to watch an octopus do something novel, this is a surprise for an Octopus to unscrew a jar from the inside.

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