This “Shark” Is Swimming Against The Mainstream By Praising The President During A Pandemic

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Star of ABC’s reality television series “Shark Tank”, Mark Cuban has gone against the mainstream media while praising President Trump for how he has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

The multi-billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner spoke with White House Correspondent Maranda Finney about how President Trump deserves credit for how he has responded to and handled the coronavirus outbreak in America.

Funny asked Cuban, “I’m curious how do you think the president is doing when it comes to addressing citizens of America during this COVID-19 pandemic, and what kind of grade would you possibly give him?”

“Look, I’m not gonna throw anybody under the bus. I’m not a fan of Donald Trump’s as president, I haven’t been for a while, but, that said, he’s obviously adjusted and adapted, and he’s doing his best. We are where we are,” Cuban responded.

It’s nice to see someone put their personal feelings aside and speak the truth.

The billionaire businessman also gave credit to Dr. Deborah Birx calling her a ‘rock star.’

Cuban added, “The head of FEMA, the surgeon general, there’s just people who have really put themselves out there and put themselves at risk, and during the press conferences, he steps aside. He’s not even in-camera shot, and that’s good. And I give him all the credit in the world. Do I like the side comments and all the picking on journalists? No, never have, never will. That’s who he is, but credit earned is credit deserved, and so I’ll give him credit where we’re at right now.”

It’s very refreshing to hear these comments from someone as successful as Mark Cuban. Many people on the left wouldn’t be caught dead giving President Trump any credit even if he single-handedly created the cure for coronavirus.

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