Deaf Man Is Suing Adult Video Website For A Shocking But Hilarious Reason

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Lots of industries and businesses are commonly sued for reasons related to some sort of disability.

It’s not necessarily that someone is being discriminated against, but more so because the business didn’t work hard enough to accommodate that individual.

This can be a tricky situation when you start suing companies for something they haven’t done wrong but instead sue for something that they failed to do.

For one deaf man, his reasoning behind suing the largest adult website on the internet (let’s just say it rhymes with Cornhub), is a legit but hilarious one.

They don’t have closed captions on their videos.

According to Global News,

When a delivery man and a college student are arguing over the price of pizza in a p*rn video, people who are deaf shouldn’t feel left out of the discussion.

That’s the argument behind a new lawsuit launched in New York on Thursday, which accuses Canada-based P*rnhub and its sister sites of failing to include closed captioning in most of its adult videos.

The suit was filed in the Eastern District of New York on behalf of Yaroslav Suris, who is deaf. P*rnhub is named in the suit along with its sister sites, RedTube and YouP*rn, and their parent company MindGeek.

The suit claims P*rnhub is violating the rights of people who are deaf and hearing-impaired under the Americans with Disabilities Act because many of its videos lack closed captioning.

Ultimately, this lawsuit may fail because the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Acts, does not include internet videos and this company is Canadian with headquarters in Europe.

But that won’t stop this man from trying.

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