This One Simple Thing Will Lower Your Blood Pressure

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As we all get older and get into the age bracket known as “senior citizens”, there are a great number of things that we have to contend with.

For example, chances are if you are a senior you have had a talk with your doctor about your blood pressure. You’ve likely been given medication that you have to take every single day to keep your blood pressure under control.

That being said, there are things apart from taking those little pills every day that will keep your blood pressure in check.

A recently published report has concluded that if senior citizens reduced their sitting time by a mere half hour, the average blood pressure of the senior citizens used for the study went down by an average of three and a half points.

Furthermore, the study went on to say that an increase in activity overall leads to a four-point reduction in a person’s blood pressure as well as weight loss.

These findings also went on to point out that older adults remain in a seated position for up to eighty percent of their waking hours in a given day. That level of a sedentary lifestyle can lead to an increased risk of heart disease.

The study that led to these findings used 283 senior citizens in between the ages of 60 and 89.

Just by standing up for an extra thirty minutes a day, one can lower their risk of high blood pressure. That being said, for senior citizens, the notion of standing an extra half hour a day might be a daunting task,

However, the simple act of standing at the kitchen counter while you are eating breakfast or cooking a meal for yourself will add to the amount of time you are standing per day.

Personally, as someone that is getting up there, my doctor suggested something that has greatly lowered my blood pressure. I have a mailbox that is forty-five feet from my front door.

Ten times a day, I get up, stretch for five minutes, and walk to the mailbox and back. It is something that is very low impact while you are in the middle of the activity but has paid off dividends in the long run.

Some of us who spend way more time on the computer than we should would be wise to invest in something that few people realize will lower your blood pressure; a standing desk.

Yes, if you were to purchase a standing desk and spend the time that you are on the computer standing instead of sitting; according to the study that was mentioned earlier you will lower your blood pressure. Doing pretty much the same thing you were going to be doing anyway.

I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

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