This Activist Glued Themselves To The Cement To Protest Climate Change, What Happened Next…

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How far do ‘woke’ climate change protesters go with their radical agenda?

Well, some activists in Berlin, Germany protesting climate change stuck themselves to the road using cement glue and sat there for several hours.

It is so ironic because what they are doing causes more traffic, and more traffic means more harm to the environment.

The woman seen in the now-viral video is part of the climate activist group called “Uprising of the Last Generation,” a coalition of climate and environmental activists in Germany.

The activists claim that “the world has only a few years left to turn the wheel around and avoid catastrophic levels of global warming,” as reported by CTV News.

The police were forced to use a chisel to get her off the road, based on the video clip, which obviously was not the smartest way to make a political statement.

Watch the video of the ‘climate change protest gone wrong’ below:

Another young activist was seen with cement in her hand, and law enforcement officials were attempting to help her.

And in a separate report from “”, these climate activists are now reportedly suing the German police after helping them. 

“Because criminals in Germany have all their rights, the climate terrorists are now suing the police. They would not have been gentle enough with the delicate little hands when they were released from the street. They complain of assault,” according to the outlet.

“The head of the Berlin police union, Bodo Pfalzgraf, told the BILD newspaper that under these circumstances one could no longer expect an official to remove the “activists” from the street,” the news outlet added.

It wasn’t the first that something like this happened, climate change activists are currently making their way across Europe in an effort to persuade more government action on the issue of climate change.

Below are the incidents previously reported by The Gateway Pundit:

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that a pair of Green activists glued themselves on the frame of a Vincent Van Gogh painting in London last month.

Watch the video below:

In France, a 36-year-old man dressed as an old lady was arrested last May after reportedly trying to break the glass protecting the famous Mona Lisa painting before throwing a cake on its surface in an apparent climate-related protest.

He was then arrested for an “attempt to damage cultural property” and was placed in the psychiatric infirmary of the police headquarters on Sunday, according to the public prosecutor’s office.

Watch the video below:

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, CTV News, Vikendi, BILD newspaper

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