Sick Thugs Caught Stealing Half A Million In Merchandise From One Store… [VIDEO]

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Welcome to crime-ridden California, where looting is just a normal thing in a broad daylight. As some folks say, just another day in Newsom’s California…

Last week, the so-called mass looting phenomenon reached the wealthy celebrity haven of Malibu, California, when a gang looted nearly half a million dollars worth of luxury goods from the Malibu Lumberyard shopping center in broad daylight.

The incident unfolded at around 2 p.m. on July 12 in the affluent coastal enclave in Los Angeles County.

Around half a dozen “black male and female suspects” wearing masks and hoodies stormed Maxfield, a luxury retailer at the Malibu Lumber Yard, a popular upscale shopping center, the Malibu Times reports.

Video shows the robbers grabbing the high-end handbags and running out of the store.

More details of this incident from The Malibu Times reports:

A crew of six Black male and female suspects, wearing masks and hoodies entered the luxury goods store Maxfield on Tuesday July 12 at 2 p.m. The robbers pushed past the store’s security guard and grabbed armloads of “high-end” designer handbags. The crew then quickly raced out of the store and across Cross Creek Road and were seen getting into two separate vehicles. No license plates were noticed. The security guard and a female employee rushed out of the store to give chase, but the suspects got away.

Employees at the retailer confirmed that no one was injured during the felony robbery. They were unauthorized to speak about the incident and seemed shaken after the brazen crime. A spokesperson at the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station said the robbers may have made off with nearly half-a-million dollars in merchandise. There have been similar crimes reported in Westlake Village in Lost Hills’ jurisdiction and of course elsewhere in California in recent months.

Getaway vehicles were seen waiting for the thieves as they ran out of the store with armfuls of stolen goods.

It is unclear if any suspects have been identified or arrested at the time of this writing.

An investigation is ongoing.

Watch it here: Shacked/Youtube

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