They Ripped A Female Anchor For Dressing Inappropriately, And Her Response Was Perfect….

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There are times when a woman’s body changes, particularly during pregnancy, as gaining weight during pregnancy is not only inevitable, but it’s also necessary as your body changes and expands to create a place for your developing child. However, the stigma around pregnancy weight is pervasive in our body-conscious culture.

Now that the outfits that she used to wear before pregnancy may not look so good on her during pregnancy. Nevertheless, it is always her choice what to wear, and nobody has the right to meddle. Agree?

However, I don’t think people are more sensitive, necessarily, instead, they have more platforms for communication, which means people get any question in higher volume now. And Eight months pregnant and a co-anchor of the FOX32 program Good Day Chicago, Kristen Nicole, just received three emails from different women, namely, Karen, Gene, and Sabrina each of whom claimed that the sight of her baby belly was “offensive.” She came to the studio in a blue dress which she has worn many times earlier but at that time, her baby bump was visible.

“My pregnancy has been nothing but a blessing and a positive experience since day one,” Nicole, 35, said “I hadn’t heard a single negative comment until Wednesday.”

Award-winning News Anchor Kristen Nicole Slammed For Baby Bump

Nicole was shocked by the sudden outpouring of criticism, claiming that the negative messages were “disheartening.”

She said, “I thought, ‘What’s going on? Where is this coming from?’ I found it sad that three people went to the trouble to write something hateful and push ‘send,’ especially in light of the important issues of the day.”

“I work my tail off, and this is what they choose to focus on? It’s not my style to get down on people who troll me on the internet, but this bothered me. I know that I’m not the first one to be body shamed — women unfortunately have to deal with this kind of thing at work every day. So I decided to respond,” She further added.

Award-winning News Anchor Kristen Nicole Slammed For Baby Bump

The anchor decided to speak out about the situation, shutting down the shade right away, she shared pictures of herself wearing the same outfit in the past on Facebook and wrote, “LET ME SAVE YOU SOME TROUBLE:

My email address is [email protected], but if you’re writing to tell me that you’re offended by the sight of my baby bump, don’t hold your breath waiting for a response. It’s not coming. I wear this dress probably once a month. No one has EVER had a problem with it. Wear it almost 8 months pregnant?? Whoa…disgusting, right? (insert massive eye roll)

To Karen, Gene and Sabrina who wrote to me today, use your time better. Pay someone a compliment. Do a good deed. To everyone else who has sent messages of congratulations and well wishes, you are keeping me motivated through these last 6 weeks. We’re finally in the home stretch! I have had a healthy, comfortable, stress free pregnancy. My husband, son and I are beyond excited to meet our new addition. Thank you for being a part of our journey! Xoxo”

She got some really supportive comments. As Fans praised Nicole for how beautiful she looked and how she handled the situation and the compliments kept coming in. With one Facebook user wrote, “You are beautiful. Ignore those who try to make someone feel bad, because they are so insecure.”

Nicole then decided to add some humor to it by posting a photo of herself covered in a white sheet.

She captioned the post:


This better??

Juuuuust kidding! Hope you had as good of a laugh as our morning crew did. Happy Thursday everyone!!”

Watch the video below for more details:

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