They Ordered A College Professor To Take Down An “Offensive” Flag, His Response Was Absolutely Brilliant…

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A university professor received orders from his students to take down the offending banner after putting a Thin Blue Line flag on his door. However, unfortunately for them, they weren’t prepared for his response.

James Moore felt that it was his responsibility to push back against this unchallenged narrative since numerous college campuses are saturated with anti-police propaganda, creating a singular viewpoint. As a result, when the class came one morning, their professor’s door was covered in a message that was simple but clear.

James Moore

On his office door, Moore had hung a sizable Thin Blue Line flag, also known as a Blue Lives Matter flag. But the message of the flag has evolved as more students seek to cancel Moore’s stance and backing of the blue. But because he wants students to realize that there are other views outside of their progressive bubble and that they actually hold a minority viewpoint outside of academia, he won’t even consider taking it down as his response.

The professor went on Fox & Friends Friday to detail how the opposition has only strengthened his objective by positively promoting America’s police. Moore added that as a result, the limited perspective advanced by anti-police movements like Black Lives Matter has been perfectly on the show.

Moore said, “I wanted to communicate to progressively-oriented students that there’s a competing point of view. They live in something of a progressive bubble on a college campus… I wanted to communicate to conservative students, of which there are many, that in fact they’re entitled to their voice, that the messages they hear are really not representative of society at large.”

Black lives benefit rather strongly, disproportionately from the activities of police… Black lives are at greatest risk from reduced police service. If all lives matter and Black lives in particular matter, then we need to make sure that they’re secure.”

Though the cancel mob on university campuses tends to get their way, USC’s Office of Equity and Diversity detailed that the flag fails to violate any school codes.

 But the university said in a statement to the Daily Trojan, “The university does not have a policy that limits the display of materials in spaces like this, though we are looking at whether it is needed. As part of the university’s commitment to academic freedom, a faculty member can express his or her individual beliefs and viewpoints on a wide variety of topics – even controversial issues – but they do not speak on behalf of a school or the broader university.”

Porat and graduate student Maricarmen Pachicano, who were determined to censor Moore, asked the university to alter its rules so that faculty members’ offices could be controlled, Porat said,“[Moore] had to know this would be an inappropriate thing to have, especially with USC’s diversity initiatives.”

Pachicano said, “I want them to take it down, and I want them to do something about Professor Moore because this is not the first controversial thing he’s done.”

As usual, progressive students are making an effort to characterize Moore as a racist and an advocate of white supremacy. In actuality, they are ignoring the reality that a majority of minorities support increased police presence in order to fight crime and that a sizable portion of people working in law enforcement are themselves minorities.

As such, he feels it is important to show students that theirs isn’t the only opinion that exists, despite students’ demands, the university cannot fully censor Moore, and he knows it.

Moore said, “I wanted to remind students that there are multiple points of view present on this campus, because we are becoming fairly homogenous in respect to ideas.”

Moore continues to stand for an American society protected by a police force, led by a creed to protect all people.

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