They Laughed When He Said He Was From The Future, Then His Predictions Started Coming True…

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A Twitter user who proclaimed himself as a “time traveler from the future” made a bold prediction back in 2015 — and now it looks like he might’ve been right all along.

Drew Curtis created a Twitter thread in 2015, and it’s gaining attention after the statements given predicted some of the terrible scenarios that are currently happening this year.

Curtis an author, CEO, and founder of told people that they should enjoy the year 2016 because the following years looked dreary. He jokingly claimed that he is a time traveler from the year 2020 and has come here to warn the world about the impending doom. The Twitter thread was brought back to the public by Curtis on May 1 saying that it is still valid for this year.

Because of Curtis’s wild prediction, he has become a social media sensation on TikTok. While most people think that Curtis was joking about being a time traveler (although there is a segment of conspiracy theorists who think of Curtis as a type of messiah), more people are turning to him to provide insight and hope during this dark time in American history.

According to Curtis, things “get better” starting in November. He also says that there are two quarantines since states will have to “close down again” due to the second wave in August/September.

Curtis has also answered some questions about things unrelated to the coronavirus. According to the “time traveler,” Trump does not win reelection, and One Direction might get back together “after one of [the members] comes out of rehab for the first time.”

Many people are taking Curtis’ predictions to heart, seeing as he was spot-on the first time.

“Anyone else freaked out by this,” one person asked on TikTok.


However, other people are questioning how Curtis could possibly be a time traveler (and justifiably so).

Sadly for the believers, Curtis has admitted that he isn’t a time traveler. When someone asked him how he makes the predictions he does, he explained that he isn’t actually a time traveler, but instead uses his skills as a news aggregator to deduce.

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