There’s One Menu Item McDonald’s Employees Practically Refuse To Make When You Order…

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McDonald’s change things up when the pandemic hit us hard. Fast-food joints like Mickey D’s and Burger King became the heroes we didn’t know we needed.

With millions of people losing their jobs and struggling to get by, fast food became the go-to for many Americans. These chains had a tough time keeping up with the demand, though, while also dealing with supply chain problems. That’s why places like McDonald’s had to slim down their menus during the pandemic.

Now, let me tell you, this ain’t the first time McDonald’s has had to cut down their menu options. A few years back, customers were pretty upset when McDonald’s took their Premium McWrap off the menu. Fans of the sandwich were heartbroken, but insiders who worked at the fast-food chain said it was dropped for one simple reason: it was just too darn difficult for minimum-wage workers to make.

Thanks to a viral video by Stephen Patula, we now know that the Premium McWrap was kicked off the menu because it was the “most complicated” thing anyone could order at McDonald’s. Patula’s got some inside knowledge, y’all – his family runs a franchise location. He’s been sharing behind-the-scenes info and answering folks’ questions about McDonald’s on TikTok.

Patula said in his video, “When COVID first happened, McDonald’s limited their menu to make operations a little bit easier. So, right now, there is nothing really too complicated. But back in the day, those premium wraps were literally awful to make. They tasted awesome. They were just so complicated and time-consuming to make.”

Wouldn’t you know it, the video’s got people in the comments chanting, “Bring back the wrap!” That wasn’t exactly what Patula was expecting when he decided to spill the beans about the McWrap challenge.

He clarified, “It’s the McWrap I’m talking about, not the snack wraps. The McWrap wasn’t difficult to make, just time-consuming to stuff it in the tiny box.”

Loads of people chimed in with their comments on Patula’s video. Some said things like, “Premium wraps have been off the menu for years now,” and “I just miss the crispy chicken ranch snack wrap,” lamented a TikTok user.

Others were surprised by the news, with one person saying, “Wait, the wraps were complicated? The only difference from a burger was wrapping a tortilla instead of closing up the bun.”

A former McDonald’s employee even joined the conversation, “I mean, that is true, but the wraps were so good. I miss the wraps.”

People also had a ton of questions in the comments, like this one: “What’s the most efficient way to order a quarter pounder with cheese without cheese? Every time I do that in the drive-thru, it throws everybody off.”

The commenters came to the rescue, suggesting to “order a quarter hamburger, or at least that’s what we do.” One person explained, “It’s a separate option on our menu screens.”

Will the wrap make a comeback? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – people sure do miss it.

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