People Kept Cutting Through His Yard, His Way Of Getting Back At Them Is Perfect…

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“Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!” You’ve probably used or heard this phrase before. It’s a universal indicator that you are calling the person’s attention or your attention is being called that you ain’t supposed walk there. But really, going on someone’s lawn can cause a lot of problems.

Although some people very much are that stereotype, most people just want others not to cause unintentional damage to their property. And some people, like TikToker @tgunz81, known as Thomas Lyons, go to harmless, though direct lengths to avoid strangers cutting across their lawn.

After they ignored his requests to nicely use the sidewalk beside his house, he took matters into his own hands. However, his harmless method sparked a major debate online after revealing how he keeps people from walking across his front lawn.

Lyons posted a video from a security camera on TikTok with the caption: “when people won’t stop cutting across your lawn…”

The clip shows a number of unaware people walking across the grass before they are soaked with water for trespassing. While a second video showed two kids cutting through the lawn, and just like the first woman, they were also soaked when they triggered the sprinkler system.

Photo Credit: Tiktok News
Photo Credit: Tiktok News

After the video went viral, it immediately sparked a debate, with people discussing if the owner was right to punish the trespassers. The TikTok video has amassed over 36 million views, seven million likes, and 70,000 comments.

It’s “just grass,” some maintained.

One person commented: “Girl, let those kids go home a minute faster.”

A third added: “It’s just grass. Chill.”

“These are school kids, you could just put a stone path [on the lawn], it’s just grass, kindness means so much more,” someone else wrote.

However, some maintained that since it was someone’s lawn, they could do whatever they wanted.

Photo Credit: Tiktok News
Photo Credit: Tiktok News

“I LOVE this level of pettiness. It’s your lawn so do as you wish,” one person commented.

“I don’t understand. I was raised never to walk in someone’s yard, especially a strangers,” a second wrote.

Someone else commented: “Y’all saying it’s just grass okay ???? It’s just water.”

“Y’all are mad for no reason. This is THEIR yard. Walking on it can kill the grass and there are sidewalks for a reason,” another commenter noted.

Watch the viral TikTok video here: TikTok News/Youtube

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