Their Attempt To Rip Josh Hawley Apart Totally Backfired….

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On Tuesday, a Democrat witness on Capitol Hill actually accused Senator Josh Hawley of putting ‘trans people’ in danger because he dared suggest that only women can have babies.

It’s an absolutely bizarre accusation by this leftist professor who teaches at Berkeley.

Of course, the heated exchange went viral and MSNBC immediately posted a video clip on Tiktok in an attempt to discredit Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley during congressional hearings.

The far-left outlet claims that a Berkeley law professor “rebuked” Sen.Hawley, but users in the comments section proceeded to rebuke the professor, instead of Hawley.

In the hearing, a pro-abortion activist, Khiara M. Bridges, who is a professor of law at UC Berkeley School of Law, told Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Hawley that it is “transphobic” for him to suggest that only biological women can become pregnant.

She kept using the phrase “person with a capacity for pregnancy”, which is why Hawley asked her about the phrase.

MSNBC posted the back-and-forth on TikTok and garnered 7.2 million views on the social media platform. MSNBC captioned the exchange, “Berkeley law professor, Khiara Bridges rebuked Sen. Josh Hawley during a Senate hearing accusing him of making transphobic remarks.”

Watch it here (MSNBC): Tiktok/Video

Well, the far-left news outlet didn’t get the support they wanted online, instead, their comments section largely favored Hawley’s position and mocked the professor’s comments.

“She lost, badly,” comedian Brent Pella said. Pella’s comment garnered more than 25,000 likes.

“Lmao she started to attacking [sic] him knowing that she will lose,” one user said.

Another user said that Hawley “owned this convo. No doubt.”

One user, under the name “Spicyhabaner,” questioned why MSNBC thought this was a win for Bridges.

“Are we all watching the same video? I don’t get how this is a W for the law professor,” the user said.

The condemnation of the professor’s remarks extended to Twitter as well. One self-described “socialist, lesbian, feminist Union organizer” said she sided with the senator’s remarks.

“Holy hell, Dems. I’m a socialist, lesbian, feminist Union organizer and you’re making me side with Josh Hawley,” the user said. “Are you trying to lose our abortion rights for a generation?”

Source: TheDailyCaller

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