The World's Grossest Parade Marched The Streets Of New Orleans In Protest

In the wake of Hurricane Ida just weeks ago, residents of The Big Easy were livid. Their town had once again been hit by a hurricane that everyone saw coming, and still, somehow, the federal government failed them.

Things are so bad, in fact, that the streets of New Orleans are not only covered in a cloud of horrendous odor weeks after the storm hit, but trash continues to line the streets.

Residents this week decided to stage a protest parade on account of the negligence.

New Orleans often celebrates with parades: Mardi Gras to honor the city’s storied culture, funeral parades to celebrate a well-lived life, and now, a garbage parade to do the opposite of celebration — to protest.

Over three weeks after Hurricane Ida devastated parts of Louisiana, residents in New Orleans are still living alongside piles of household trash due to delayed trash collection pickups. The city’s mayor says the situation has reached the point of a crisis.

Some residents agree and found a very New Orleans way to make their outrage known: they held a “Trash Parade,” dressed in trash fashion, and marched carrying protest signs.

Photos of the event were being shared on social media.

New Orleans has certainly always had a flavor all its own, and this week was no exception.

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