The FBI Is On The Hunt But You Won’t Believe What They’re Looking For

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There are plenty of projects out there that the FBI are involved with that the average American would rather not know about. This is one of the “dirty work” agencies within our government, and sometimes it’s nice to keep a little bit of our plausible deniability intact.

But then there are instances where it appears as though the Bureau might be trying to get one over on us. Such is the case in Pennsylvania, after a long-rumored, FBI-led treasure hunt has finally been somewhat confirmed to have happened.

FBI agents were looking for an extremely valuable cache of fabled Civil War-era gold — possibly tons of it — when they excavated a remote woodland site in Pennsylvania three years ago this month, according to government emails and other recently released documents in the case.

On March 13, 2018, treasure hunters led the FBI to Dent’s Run, about 135 miles (220 kilometers) northeast of Pittsburgh, where legend has it an 1863 shipment of Union gold was either lost or stolen on its way to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia.

The FBI has long refused to confirm why exactly it went digging, saying only in written statements over the years that agents were there for a court-authorized excavation of “what evidence suggested may have been a cultural heritage site.”

The admittance was minor but notable.

But the father-son duo who brought a small army of federal agents to the site remain convinced the FBI uncovered something there — and their lawyer, Bill Cluck, is still pressing the case, successfully suing for access to government emails about the dig.

Those documents, which Cluck provided to The Associated Press, show that federal law enforcement was indeed after buried treasure.

“We believe the cache itself is in the neighborhood of 3x5x8 (feet) to 5x5x8,” wrote K.T. Newton, an assistant U.S attorney in Philadelphia, in a 2018 email marked “Confidential.”

The FBI has stated, on the record, that their search for this massive cache of gold came up empty.

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