Tension With North Korea Has Reached a Boiling Point

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It seems a lot of tension and concern is starting to rise when it comes to North Korea and let’s face it, there should be. Kim Jong-un is a man who will press the button, who will pull the trigger. He would see this world burn and proclaim himself king if he could.

While Kim Jong-un no doubt has a greater understanding of the outside world than the rest of his citizens it stands to reason that he’s been indoctrinated by his father and grandfather his entire life as well as the way citizens [probably] treated him as some golden child while he was growing up.

During a Cabinet meeting this week, President Donald Trump stated, in regards to the latest test by North Korea of an intercontinental ballistic missile, saying that the United States would “handle” North Korea.

“We’ll handle North Korea,” Trump said to reporters. “We’ll be able to handle North Korea. It will be handled. We handle everything.”

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