Something Weird Just Happened At A Secure Building Containing 2020 Election Ballots

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There is another audit approaching. I don’t know exactly to what degree this audit will be conducted, but there will be one nonetheless.

As usual, based on what we’ve seen in every location where audits have been taking place, the Democrats are trying to stop them.

How is that not incredibly suspicious? Think about absolutely anything else in our lives similarly. What if a wife suspects her husband of having an affair and wants to look through his phone, but he refuses to allow her to do so. Maybe he even “loses” the phone or it breaks. Or maybe he can’t remember his password. Would that not be incredibly suspicious and telling of what is really going on? She would have no confidence in him whatsoever.

Yet, this is exactly what sort of shenanigans have been happening with the audits. But things just got even worse in Fulton County, Georgia. At the supposedly secured location where the ballots are being stored, the door was found wide open with the alarm sounding.

There is an ongoing legal battle surrounding the 145,000 absentee ballots that were due to be audited. The audit was supposed to begin yesterday, Friday May 28th. However, in a last-minute court filing, Fulton County officials are attempting to block the audit on procedural grounds. A Georgia judge granted a 30-day pause in the audit until the legal arguments could be heard in court…. and now the building was compromised?

Witnesses previously said they saw ballots being counted twice, several batches of mail-in absentee ballots without folds (which is impossible), and the appearance of copying of ballots and machine-filled ballots. The initial review of low-quality resolution sample batches found a 21% difference in the number of ballots between what the election officials said was in a batch and the actual number of ballots in the batch. That is part of the reason why the judge granted a full audit of the absentee ballots in Fulton county.

You know, they must really be scared if they’ve gone this far. Now, I don’t know if the building was broken into or if someone had a key, but how is this not super obvious that someone is trying to hide something about these ballots?

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