SICK! Top Biden Administration Official PUBLICLY Defended Child Prostitution… Here’s What They Said

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After reports have surfaced that both President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, are serial perverts, it has now been revealed that a top official in the Biden administration’s Department of Energy publicly defended prostitution.

Sam Brinton, who is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy, defended “rentboys” in an article published to a pro-LGBT website.

Brinton wrote an article defending the website “” after it was shut down for promoting prostitution.

The CEO of the website was later indicted on prostitution related charges.  The indictment included accusations that the website allowed minors to prostitute themselves and did not verify their ages.

In one case, a Rentboy employee allegedly deleted pictures of an underage prostitutes face to conceal their age.

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Brinton seemed aware of Rentboy’s use of underage prostitutes and defended it anyways, saying that “Many LGBT youth engage in sex work just to survive. A 2013 Center for American Progress report suggests that LGBT youth are more than three times as likely to have engaged in survival sex.”

The National Pulse Reports

A recent, high-level hire at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy defended a controversial gay prostitution website with a track record of allowing children to be promoted for sexual services on the platform, The National Pulse can reveal.

The revelations, from unearthed op-ed, follow The National Pulse exposé of appointee Samuel Brinton’s past as a drag queen, LGBTQ+ activist who has “lectured” on kink at college campuses and participated in interviews about fetish roleplay.

In an article published on September 15th on the pro-LGBT+ website Advocate, Biden’s latest top nuclear hire dives into a defense of the “” website, which shuttered following an August 2015 illegal prostitution raid. “Rentboy” is a colloquial term for young men who have sex with older men in exchange for money, often under dubious circumstances.


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