IT BEGINS: Liberal Pundits Begin Broach Eliminating Electoral College

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With the 2022 midterms positioned to provide the Democratic Party with an instead powerful spell of humiliation, it seems as though some of their surrogates in the mainstream media are already looking for a scapegoat.

The “red wave” that looms simply over the perspective can see President Joe Biden saddled with a Republican bulk in your house and Senate both, properly culling his changes to make any real progression on his presidential plan.

Therefore, in an initiative to provide some soft-discrediting of these contests, left-leaning infotainment anchors appear to be suggesting that the elections themselves could be responsible.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell led the charge today:

O’Donnell claimed, “Today, one of the most clownish British head of state of our lifetime introduced his embarrassing resignation pending the selection of a successor as well as thereby showed, once again, the supremacy of the British parliamentary system over the system chosen by our Founders, that thought they were smarter. And also choosing to secure the country into dealt with four-year terms, of head of states, that we now understand, for partial factors, can not be gotten rid of regardless of what crimes they are caught devoting. The Owners’ fixation to stay clear of all things British in federal government led them to the production of the most grotesque organization ever imposed on a supposed democracy, the Electoral College. The only reason to stress over the fairness of the following governmental election is the Electoral University. Without the Electoral college, no problem. The Electoral University is among the Founders’ many crimes against freedom.”


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And also, as if that weren’t enough …

He added, “Various other criminal activities versus democracy by the Creators consist of 2 senators per state, not enabling anybody aside from a little portion of white males to vote, and also not permitting anybody to elect United States senators. The creators were experimenters in freedom. Not true followers in freedom. They were dabblers and also democracy. Much of their challenges to freedom that they place in the Constitution have been eliminated. Ladies are currently enabled to vote. Black individuals are enabled to vote. Everybody currently, at the very least, can vote, academic right to vote.”

With the midterms toning up to be slaughter the Democrats’ desires, we can expect a great deal more of this view seeping out into the open in the coming …


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