SICK PERVERT Recorded Kids In Airport Bathroom, And The Airlines Blame…

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There are a million and one reasons why I have made the conscious decision to fly anymore unless it is absolutely necessary.

One of them is the lack of control in when you leave. I can’t count how many times I have been planning a trip with my wife where we said, “why don’t we wait another hour.” With air travel, you have to be there at extremely specific times.

Second, the cost of air travel these days is astronomical. The last time I flew was about seven years ago and it was a short notice ticket to travel to a family funeral. The person we were seeing off to glory would have turned over in their grave had they known I spent that much on a plane ticket where a meal wasn’t served.

Thirdly, airports are congested, cluttered places that are like the worst parts of New York City but a good sight cleaner.

Fourth, the airplanes themselves hold a whole host of other assorted problems you might have to deal with; and I am going way beyond the idea of someone taking their shoes off and putting their feet in your armrest.

Flying with kids is always an absolutely terrorizing notion, especially if you are the only parent on the trip. Like I said, airports are packed and a child can get lost VERY easily. So you would think that you could rest easy once you were on the plane right?

Wrong. It seems that there are threats coming from inside the cabin on airplanes now, and since the flight attendants remain relatively anonymous, you can never truly tell where the threat is going to come from.

American Airlines is facing a lawsuit over an incident that I have to stifle throwing up even thinking about it again.

Recently on an AA flight, a young woman who court documents is identified only as Mary to protect her anonymity, went to use the airplane bathroom.

At some point while using the bathroom, she noticed a light near the toilet that should not have been there. A member of the fight crew was illegally filming passengers in the bathroom and then retrieving the camera after the flight was over.

American Airlines’ response to the legal complaint was borderline insanity, saying that the nine year old girl should have known that she was being filmed.

First of all, even on reality shows where anything goes and anything is shown, the one place that they NEVER film is a bathroom.

Second of all, I might think that I was being filmed while checking in at the airport, certainly not while I’m using the bathroom in the middle of the flight.

That hateful statement by American Airlines is even more insane when you really think about it because it almost gives off the impression that the airline is defending the employee that did it.



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