Police Caught Her Shoplifting, She Told Them “It’s All A Game”

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I never understood the idea of someone that would steal from a store unless it was a life or death situation.

Being a person with compassion in my heart, I get the whole “stealing a loaf of bread to feed your family” thing. When someone begins stealing things because they can, or if they are doing it as almost a recreational activity it becomes absolutely vile.

It is also an insult to everyone else in the store that decided to work hard for their money and earn the right to have the things that they have.

Shoplifting is a way worse crime than people give it credit for. In liberal states, it has transformed into a literal recreational activity as liberal politicians have raised the amount of money that has to be stolen from a retailer for someone to even be given a ticket.

I took a public safety class my senior year of high school and toured a county jail as part of the course. That weaned me off of ever stealing anything in my life.

Some people have never toured the inside of a county jail, and it definitely shows.

But not all hope is lost. There are enough states that are still doing things right when it comes to dealing with shoplifters. They aren’t letting them off with a slap on a wrist and a moving tub to take their stolen merchandise home in.

They’re actually arresting and prosecuting people that commit this crime. Imagine that, criminals being arrested for committing crimes. I know, sounds crazy right?

A woman named Amber McCann in Florida found this out recently. She got herself into some really hot soup after being caught attempting to steal over a thousand dollars from a Flagler County Walmart location.

She was apprehended by police when attempting to leave the Palm Coast store in Flagler County with over a thousand dollars worth of merchandise in a shopping cart.

Police later questioned her and she admitted that the whole shoplifting attempt was part of a game where other criminals would attempt to see how much they could walk out of the store without paying.

At last count, the amount of merchandise she attempted to steal under Florida law could get her up to fifteen years in prison and a ten thousand dollar fine.

It’s one of those things that just isn’t worth the risk. Like I said, if you get caught stealing a loaf of bread and a pound of ground beef, the police are going to go after you but they are going to have a much lighter touch than if you went out to break the bank.

Also, people could try just not stealing; but that’s probably too novel a concept.

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